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25 May 2006 @ 05:29 pm
Thousand Arms on the PSP?  
According to the Official Sony Playstation magazine and other places, Sony is going to make PS1 games downloadable for the PSP in the future.

Some games might be nothing but trouble by playing them on the PSP, take the majority of pre-analog platform games for example. While RPGs, 2-D games, and games with simple controls might have new life on the PSP.
The real Final Fantasy Tactics on the PSP? Yeah!
It's still not known what sort of system of pay that Sony is going to use for PS1 games on the PSP, though.

But that Thousand Arms, many other RPGs, and PS1 games that were not reissued by their publishers (see $200 for a used PS1 copy of Suikoden II) might possibly gain some new fans warms my heart.

The Nintendo Wii is also going to make games downloadable from several old systems. The older it is, the cheaper it is to buy, download, and play the game on the Wii. However, it's not known at this time if any Japanese games will be up for download as well.
Such as the Nintendo Ryu Knight games and the KO Century Beast RPG that was the last game made for the Turbo Graphix/NEC.
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