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black_point's Journal

Takehiko Ito fans
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Black_point is a community concerned with the works of Morning Star Studios, i-POLILIN, "Black Point", and the old "Project B4".
Here you can discuss about any old or current project of Takehiko Ito's, of anyone he has worked with, or about the people that work within his studio, Morning Star.

The community has no trouble with scanlations, fansubs, or fandubs. Just as long as the websites drop a project that's been licensed in the United States. We also want to closely work with the companies that license the titles as well, since this community's goal is to get Morning Star's work out for the rest of the anime/manga fandom and to get rarely known information about/within a series out to the fans.

Black_Point is also the unofficial LJ home of Outlaw Star.Net.
Black_Point is also on Yahoo as Itohfanatics.

1. No spamming.
2. Spoilers must be behind LJ-cuts.
3. Large images must be behind LJ-cuts. Icons and small preview images are alright.
4. Anything explicit must be behind a cut and be labeled with a warning.
5. Any continuing topics from Outlaw Star.Net to Black_Point must have a title of 'Outlaw Star.Net:' and the name of the thread topic from the message board.
6. Please be nice and not try to stir up any drama, alright?

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